I believe in a simple and linear process which is intuitive to both the client and the technical team. The process flow takes the following route...

Phase1 -  Requirement gathering phase 

Once I have submitted a Quote and we get a green signal to proceed, the requirements gathering phase starts.  I collaborate with your team to extract all the details related to the design. This ensures that the project begins with a common understanding of the objectives of website.

Phase2 -  First Design Draft is submitted

After all the requirements have been gathered, I get back to my drawing board to create the very first draft of the design. This draft is submitted to the client for a first look at their website. The actual iterative improvements start after feedback is provided from the client.

Phase3 -  Revisions

The source of revisions is the First Design Draft. Every revision ensures that the subsequent design draft is better than the earlier versions. After successive revisions, the draft starts to take shape and the final website looks set to be published.

Phase4 -  Finalize & approve the Design Draft

The final design draft is the result of successive improvements. The client gives the approval - that all the design specifications have been incorporated in the design. The next steps is the gathering of all the graphics which the client wants to be part of the website.

Phase5 - Thank you & Site delivery!

Once all the graphics have been incorporate into the final approved version, the site with all its bells and whistles is reviewed by the client. Their sign off on the site is necessary to upload your website to your hosting server.  If you need hosting, I can arrange for an excellent hosting company based on your budget and needs.  Good Luck!